Friday, June 27, 2008


Okay, mind-dump here. Prepare yourself for total randomness.

1. Speaking of mind-dump, I hate public bathrooms. I try to avoid them when possible.

2. Speaking of public bathrooms, I hate it when guys take a dump and then don't wash their hands. So gross and unhygienic!! It's somewhat more tolerable if they don't wash their hands after a piss (as the penis isn't that dirty, as far as body parts go, and urine is sterile), but they should still do it out of courtesy.

3. This Thursday was my last day playing in the hospital lobby. Each Thursday I have to get the piano key from the security guard room place. And each Thursday there's a new guard. This week's guard was rather attractive. I normally have no attraction nor fetish for guys in uniform, but he was cute - short blond hair, blue eyes, about my height (so not that tall), fit, innocent look in his eyes (which seemed a little out-of-place given his security guard uniform). Ah well, whatever.

4. I was in the presence of greatness today. Or rather, in the presence of a great mind. This expert in ear research came to give a talk today. My PI invited me and AG-F to lunch with her, the visiting scientist, my researcher, and the grad student who AG-F works with. The visiting scientist - the ear expert - was so enthusiastic and knew so much about the ear. She had all these interesting and great questions and experiments that would allow us to have pretty clear-cut answers to some of the problems we're encountering. She had this . . . excited aura about her. As if she's really into her research, and she knows a lot. I wonder if one day I'll be able to exude such an aura - I wonder if one day I'll be so good at what I do, so interested in what I do, that it would show.

5. Oh, the guest speaker/visiting scientist/expert was from Germany. I love foreign accents. I particularly like how Germans pronounce the word "proteins." However, when she said "cochlea" it almost sounded like she was coughing up phlegm at first.

6. Speaking of my PI, she's perhaps one of the most motherly, down-to-earth, nicest, knowledgeable, and sweetest short woman I've ever one. Apparently she's also something of a rock star in the endocrinology research world. She went to an endocrinology conference in San Francisco last week, and people doing pituitary research were lining up to talk to her, to show her their data, and to get her opinion. I must say, that's pretty amazing. Perhaps I've been in the presence of epic-ness all this time, and never really noticed it.

7. I love the sound of rustling leaves. There's something very comforting about the sound of the wind gently moving through the leaves and creating a sound. The sound of light rain can sometimes also be nice too.

8. I love to sleep naked when I can (which isn't too often). The only problem is that sometimes when certain parts of me rub against the blanket/sheets, I get excited (if you know what I mean). A quick jacking off immediately prior to getting into bed takes care of that the vast majority of the time.

9. Along those lines, I almost always wake up finding myself idly playing with my morning wood. Even when I'm wearing boxers and pajamas to bed, I'll find one of my hands down there when I wake up. Sometimes the urge to jack off as a result of all this is overwhelming. And sometimes I even have time for it. Though, upon completion, it rarely feels as good as it usually does. Has anyone else experienced this?

10. I randomly came across Wang Leehom's song, 世界的梦想 (shi jie de meng xiang), which means "The World's Dream" or something like that. Here's a YouTube vid of it:

It's one of the songs submitted to the 2008 Beijing Olympics committee to become the theme song or something.

And now, for some pics of Wang Leehom (yeah, I'm occasionally still obsessed with him ::blushes::). I particularly like the last one. :P

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