Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Challenge To You

About a week or so ago I was chatting online with someone. Somehow it got on to the topic of how an orgasm feels to a cut and an uncut guy. It's actually a surprisingly difficult question to answer in detail. So I pose the challenge to all you readers:

In as much detail as possible, how does an orgasm feel like to you? Please include what it feels like immediately prior, during, and after orgasm.

Things to consider when answering:

- How does it feel in your penis and elsewhere on your body leading up to orgasm?
- How do you know when you're nearing orgasm? What does it feel like?
- How do you know when you've reached that "point of no return?" What does it feel like?
- How does it feel just prior to orgasm?
- What does it feel like during orgasm? How does it feel in your penis? Your balls? Elsewhere?
- What does it feel like post-orgasm? Is your glans (penis head) super sensitive? How so?
- Can you feel your cum welling up, prepping to shoot, and moving out of you?
- Are you cut or uncut (this is really just for anecdotal curiosity purposes)?
- If you're uncut, do you experience two "kinds" of orgasms (when you use your foreskin and when you don't - that is, pull it back and wank as if you were cut)?

The more excruciatingly detailed your answer the better. Also state if you're cut or uncut. So please please please answer this question. Also, if you're a woman reading this blog, I'm also quite curious to know how an orgasm feels like to you - so please please please answer as well.

I've turned on comment moderation for the purpose of this post. A week from now (on July 15th) I will post all responses anonymously along with my own description mixed in as well. Alright, you all have a week to wank and record your experiences. Again, PLEASE comment (or email me) with your description - I don't care how long (the longer/more detailed the better). Thanks everyone!!


hellogenation said...

I think a better question is how does it feel prior to orgasm? Orgasm is orgasm; however, I was taught at the clinic I volunteered at that uncut guys have more sensitivity since the foreskin protects the area. On an uncut guy the area is exposed to the elements and naturally the skin will thicken to protect it. Uncut guys don't have that but they face the task of cleaning the area on a daily basis (i.e. pulling the skin back and running water over it while showering). So I can say that uncut guys most likely have a more pleasurable experience leading up to an orgasm. ;)

Aek said...

That is what they say, though you have a typo in your comment (sent you an email about it all).

The only reason why I let your comment be published is because you didn't answer my challenge question. So PLEASE answer it! Thanks!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

the engineer in me is rushing through the house looking for green graph pad and pencil so I can do this like a proper scientific inquiry 8-)

Shane said...

I just thought of this today: There are different degrees of cut out there. Some are cut very tight, some with a little bit of foreskin, etc. This may or may not have an effect on the data.

Aek said...

Shane: You're absolutely right. The degree of cut may impact overall sensation. For example (as you pointed out), a cut that's very tight with very little (inner) foreskin remaining and no frenulum may feel different than a more "benign" cut (benign being relative and subjective).

In any case, I'm not attempting to quantify data; I'm just curious as the qualitative differences. Every guy experiences orgasm somewhat differently (though I wager there are some commonalities) and the whole cut/uncut thing isn't of much importance in the overall challenge question - just a curiosity.

Anyway, will you (and everyone else) please answer my challenge question? :-)

Mike said...

You threw me for a loop already with this one. It feels good. It tingles. I get happy.

You should have logged my answer already.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the blogger is getting off on this!


E said...

I've been doing some *ahem* thorough research on this topic, so I'll have the most accurate description possible.

Anonymous said...

The head tends to play a bigger role,but apart from that I don't think an orgasm feels all that different for a cut guy as opposed to an uncut guy.