Monday, July 6, 2009

Where I Blog From

So, Jeremy of Falling Through The Void tagged me in this game started by Tyler of Thoughts of a Gay Boy in Highschool. Unbeknownst to Jeremy I had already posted where I blogged from before in this post, however locale has changed and so here's where I currently blog from (I apologize for the drabness of the color, apparently a dark cloud passed while I was taking these pics - and I'm too lazy to do touch-ups with Photoshop).

You'll notice that this isn't my bedroom (because my bedroom no longer has a desk and chair in it). It is in fact the dining room that we rarely eat in because we usually eat in a nook next to the kitchen on the other side. If you click on this photo to enlarge it, from left to right: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, my med school financial aid papers ($20,500 in loans sitting there, still short about $21,000 though - and that's just for tuition), my wallet and cellphone on top of that, gum wrappers (might make origami cranes out of them), my ear buds connected to my laptop, mouse, Seagate 500 Gb external hard drive (^_^), desk lamp, and my old genetics textbook behind my laptop (that my brother used as a reference for mitosis/meiosis when studying for the MCAT).

Another angle. In this shot you'll see a Chinese silk painting, a tub of Starburst candies my brother "won" at the high school graduation party, a wooden Chinese-ish stand with a bonsai on it. My mom wants to throw out the bonsai. I don't.

The Chinese silk painting. It says (you read it right to left): 年年有馀 (nian2 nian2 you3 yu2). It literally translates to "May there be surplus year after year." What it means is that, at the end of the year, you want something left over to start the next year with. Note the 9 goldfish in the painting for good luck (or prosperity, I don't remember which it is).

A close-up of the tub of Starburst candies, the stand, and the bonsai.

And now I tag the following people (who are under no obligation to comply, but their compliance would be greatly appreciated if they posted pics of where they blog):

1. J: Southern Inebriation
2. S: Enjoying the Journey
3. Doug: Right Time and Place
4. Mike: Random Thoughts In My Life
5. Charlie: Charlie's Blog
6. Hellogenation: Hellogenation
7. Anonymous Blogger: "Picture Perfect"

Edit: I also ninja tag the following two people:

8. E: I Gotta Story To Tell
9. Corey: Amazing Corey

As the summer progresses, I slowly whittle away at my list of blogs to read. I'd like to give a shout out to Jonathan at Gentleman's Romance, who is no stranger to many of you. And I'd also like to welcome new blogger Corey at Amazing Corey. So if you haven't visited their blogs yet, go over and say hi!


Tyler said...

it looks like that lamp is rather popular lol. i've got one, lunario's got one, and torchy has one too... lol

thanks for taking part :D

ps- word verification : 'trifiden' sounds like a cool sounding company name. lol

E said...

I would absolutely flip if I "won" that many starbursts. Those things are unnaturally good. The picture of the fish is really cool. I just moved and I'm thinking of going with an eastern theme for my room.

Anonymous said...

I love how your hard drive just pops out in every picture. I didn't know goldfish could jump that high.

I could eat that entire jar of Starburt in a day.

Anonymous said... THAT'S where you're at when I keep you up late at night. :P

Aek said...

Tyler: Really? *Goes to look* Wow, you do - except yours is white and mine's black. :P

Btw, I need to go to the beginning of your blog and read. It make take a while.

E: DUDE! I ninja tag you (if you haven't been tagged already). If you read this, consider yourself ninja tagged. ^_^

S: Haha, yeah. The color of that external hard drive just jumps out at ya.

James: I should note that I do not (usually) wank here. ;-)

Mike said...

Consider my post done.

Jonathan said...

Haha, thanks a lot my friend for the shout out. I really love your blog and I just got done reading your whole blog! And might I say, an interesting pair of shoes to walk in through your words.


Aek said...

Jonathan: Wow, I'm very impressed that you read my whole blog!! That's certainly some feat, haha.

I don't think my shoes are that big to fill. :P

We should chat sometime online!! Send me an IM, okay?

Anonymous Blogger said...

I would love to show you the place that I blog at, but that would give me away. LOL my room is pretty distinctive to the people that know me.