Thursday, July 16, 2009

Simply Orgasmic

To those who rose up to my challenge question, I thanks you so much!! ^_^ To those who intended on answering but haven't yet, just send me an email because I'm going to turn off comment moderation now. I'll add any late responses to my challenge question as an edit to this post. So without further adieu, here's how orgasm feels to responders (the following responses may have been edited by me slightly for grammar and/or paragraph structure):
Guy 1 - Uncut

When I'm close it feels like all the blood and energy is rushing towards my midsection. I can feel my body tightening inwards from my limbs and suddenly everything around me starts becoming a blur. I keep going after that for a few seconds until I feel the energy and rush build up at the end base of my penis which is when I know I'm at the point of no return. For me, it's similar to the sensation of having to use the bathroom at that very moment but instead of feeling like you must release it, I feel like I want to, like my body is begging me to.

When I go I don't move for the few seconds it takes to cum. I can feel the tip swell and my foreskin restricting it, if I haven't pulled it back, and between every shot my head calms for a bit then swells back up hitting the skin with every shot. If I do pull it back, I feel my head grow when I'm about to shoot but instead of feeling around the entire head, I feel it more at the tip. I can feel the cum more.

After I'm done, every muscle in my body is completely relaxed and slightly tingly. It seems to start from my shoulders and go down until I can't move and exhausted. I'm in a high at that point, I just want to sleep. I'm really sensitive at the point and if I start again I want to moan and scream right away, but only if I play with the bottom edge of the head or start jacking really really fast. Oh and after I'm done I'm usually starving.

That was hard to write . . . it sounds like soft-core porn, lol.
Guy 2 - Cut

I start to tense up in my legs and my groin area gets very tingly, especially my penis. If it is a good orgasm then I can get the tingling to go through my body.

If I'm really focused on orgasming and the feeling, I can usually feel the cum welling up in the head of my penis.
Guy 3 - Uncut

It's a subtle feeling leading up to orgasm, like my foreskin, frenulum, and head are gradually getting more sensitive. I know an orgasm is coming when the sensitivity in my foreskin and head suddenly seem to spike. If it's a really good orgasm on the way, waves of chills radiate out from my penis across my body - giving me goosebumps. It's kind of like the feeling you get after listening to a really good song or seeing a really good movie scene. This happens several seconds before I cum; if I were to stop stroking at this point, orgasm usually doesn't happen to completion and I don't cum (though sometimes cum will dribble out).

Past this point is the "point of no return." My head usually swells up and feels even more sensitive at this point. I can usually feel my cum well up at the base of my penis, prepping for release. I can also usually feel the cum move up and out of my penis as it pulses and throbs.

During orgasm it feels like pleasant pulsing contractions in my groin and penis. I can feel my penis get a bit harder with each spurt. Sometimes it feels like more waves of chills when my foreskin hits the rim of the head while I'm cumming. The pulsing and throbbing continue for a minute or so after I'm done cumming, and I tend to get kind of warm in the post-orgasm afterglow.

My head often gets pretty sensitive post-orgasm though not always. If it's uncomfortable I just roll the foreskin over to protect it and I'm on my way. I also feel really relaxed afterwards and it helps me sleep. :)
Guy 4 - Cut

The shaft and head and pretty sensitive leading up to orgasm. There isn't much sensation in my balls, but there is a general tightening in my groin muscles and I think in my abs, too, as if I edge too long I tend to get nauseous. I know I'm getting near orgasm when my balls tighten some and the head becomes much more sensitive. It's like there's a priming in my balls; like at any second I might cum. I think at this stage the sensations are mostly psychological, however, so it's difficult to describe in full what's happening.

There is a distinct welling up in my balls as the cum gets ready to come out. At this point I can't turn back. The entire penis is sensitive to touch, probably rubbing it anywhere would trigger orgasm. Sometimes the head is too sensitive to rub at this point, so I will rub underneath the head and around the rim to cum. If I've edged too long sometimes it feels like I have to barf, lol. Normally though there is just a general tightening of muscles all over the body. My penis will expand and become really hard. I can almost always feel my um welling up, prepping to shoot, and moving out of me. The contractions are quite distinct.

During orgasm there is a general contraction of muscles all over my body, but esp in the groin area, of course. My penis remains fairly rigid as I cum, and at this point the head is pretty sensitive. If I rub the head a lot at this point I'll usually shoot pretty far. There's a rhythmic tightening and loosening in the balls, and these sensations get translated to the penis as a "throbbing." My skin becomes very sensitive to touch both during orgasm and afterwards.

Post-orgasm, the head isn't so sensitive as is the underside/frenulum of the head. That becomes too sensitive to touch. If it is touched, it causes discomfort and squirming.
Guy 5 - Not stated

Leading up to orgasm, tingle sensation spreads from the head of my penis down and in anticipation can feel it radiate from my balls up my spine

The "point of no return" is sort of like riding a wave. Ever been at the beach and see a wave coming? Sometimes you hit it just right and you can go with the wave and get carried away and other times you don't hit it right - right before the point of no return is this great feeling that you want to prolong but know you can't and just explode.

For the rest of this I will have to jack-off and think about it carefully.
Guy 6 - Uncut

First off the build up to orgasm is the most intense. It's a focus thing, once I'm dead set on cumming I get tunnel vision, my only goal is climax. I can feel it in the head the most, the sensitivity almost gets overwhelming just before cumming. I can honestly feel the semen collecting and moving. Once orgasm hits, I can feel my prostate flexing.

Just before climax my skin gets the chills, my mouth gets cold, and I get goosebumps. During climax I can't control some of my muscles, for instance my back tends to arch, and my feet dance and clench. After orgasm, the sensitivity in my bell-end is out of control, touching it will make me yelp in terrifying ecstasy.
Unfortunately no women responded. That's a shame. :-/

Again, if anyone wants to send me his/her orgasm experience, do so in an email now and I'll add it to this post! I hope you've all enjoyed reading the above. :P


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