Wednesday, April 16, 2008

100th Post

Ready?! Okay, a couple things first. I got accepted to the HME (Hospital & Molecular Epidemiology) department at the School of Public Health at my university here! Yay!! I have something to do for the next two years if med school doesn't pan out (which I still sincerely hope it does, especially at MCW). Now, for the 100 things about Aek that you may/may not know, as some things may have been written about in previous entries. So here we go!

1. I'm left-handed and damn proud of it. My right hand's useful too.
2. My favorite number is 5, followed by 7 then 3.
3. My favorite colors are blue, green, black, orange, and grey (in that order).
4. I can't stand to watch most sports on TV, though I don't mind playing most of them.
5. I don't make promises lightly as I sincerely try to keep them.
6. I almost never use deodorant (no, I don't smell and no one's brought it up).
7. I really like to cook and I think I'm pretty good at what I do cook (which is limited).
8. I like the taste of alcohol and I don't have the infamously low Asian alcohol tolerance.
9. I've never been kissed by a non-family member.
10. I've never had any kind of romantic/sexual relationship with anyone.
11. I've never broken a bone and I hope to keep it that way.
12. I've never had any part of my body removed or modified.
13. If I had one superpower, it'd be the ability to clone myself into multiple me's or the ability to shapeshift.
14. I hate shaving. I also have more than the "stereotypical" Asian facial hair (it just grows slow).
15. I used to not like being the last one awake and having to close all the lights, as I feared aliens would abduct me.
16. I can't stand there being lights on if no one's using it. I will turn off lights not in use.
17. I don't like people on (and especially in) my bed, particularly if their feet touch my bed.
18. I listen to NPR. And I like it.
19. I feel that smell is the most under-appreciated of the 5 senses.
20. I believe that there's something "divine" in the universe - something that's both a part of and simultaneously separate from all in the universe.
21. I'm usually a very neat and organized person. Sometimes I enjoy cleaning and organizing.
22. I used to be a very insecure person. In some ways I think I still am.
23. I'm the kind of person who showers at night instead of in the morning. And I can't fall asleep comfortably unless I know/feel that I'm clean.
24. I like drinking tea when I do, but I often forget I have tea.
25. I've never had braces.
26. I didn't have my first email address until my senior year of high school.
27. My ideal height is 5' 10". I'm currently 5' 7". Sigh, hoping for that mid-20s second growth spurt, haha.
28. I've never had a pet but I've never really wanted one.
29. The only places outside the US that I've been to are Canada and Hong Kong.
30. Before I'm 35 I want 2-3 kids (but no more than 3).
31. I was going to make a mural with colored condoms my freshman year of college (with the free condoms we're allowed to take from the university health services). I've since abandoned that endeavor, but am now left with so many colored condoms . . .
32. I've way too much porn on my computer that I don't watch. I should just delete them.
33. I think on average I masturbate a little over every other day, and I tend to do so with my right hand.
34. I'm uncircumcised and I love my foreskin. It's a lot of fun to have and I would miss it terribly if I were to get circumcised.
35. I like my eyebrows, not really sure why.
36. While I'm not exactly ashamed of my body, I'm not entirely comfortable in it.
37. I don't like Macs, for whatever reason, all of my computer problems have been on Macs.
38. I know more about plants than most (if not all) of my friends.
39. I really like to swim, though I haven't really swam in over 6 years.
40. Every time a person throws away a plastic bottle, I resist the urge to tell that person to pick up the bottle and recycle it, or pick it up myself and recycle it.
41. I hate politics. It's slower than microbial evolution (It's true!).
42. I don't like apple pie or most pies really. But sometimes I'll get an overwhelming urge to eat some pie.
43. I have a deck of "Magic: The Gathering" cards. Nerd, I know.
44. I speak English and Mandarin Chinese fluently. I can also understand Cantonese. Although I learned some Spanish, I can feel it slipping away.
45. My favorite days of the week are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
46. I often bottle up my emotions, and sometimes they explode (you don't want to be there when it does).
47. I tend to pay close attention to details when I read something. Sometimes it gets in the way of me seeing the the big picture.
48. I love the Magic School Bus. Always have, always will.
49. Sometimes I wish I had a close gay friend/roommate. Always wondered what that'd be like.
50. Continuing from #49, people who "act really gay/ flamboyant/ feminine" bother me. I don't have anything against them personally, it just bothers me a bit.
51. I love the smell in the air right after it rains (but before the worms come out).
52. I hate shopping, especially for shoes.
53. I've had glasses since 4th grade. And I don't intend on getting contacts or laser surgery.
54. I intensely dislike philosophy.
55. Sometimes I think being a science major makes me a bit aloof.
56. When I was little, knowing Chinese was like a secret code language that only a couple of people I knew were privy to.
57. I tend to keep many of my opinions to myself. I'm trying to be more vocal/open.
58. I've often wondered what it'd be like to be someone else.
59. My favorite fruit is probably the orange. My favorite berry is either the strawberry or the raspberry.
60. I used to hate vegetables. I tolerate most now.
61. When I buy my own house I want to do the landscaping.
62. I'm the kind of guy who'd lay back and stare at the clouds, looking for shapes in them.
63. Sometimes I feel like I'm bipolar, like there's 2 of me in one body.
64. I dislike combing my hair. I don't like short hair but long hair feels weird.
65. I think I've become more liberal since attend my university.
66. I like making friends, though I don't really have someone I'd call my best friend.
67. I hate talking to people over the phone who I don't know, can't see, and probably never will.
68. I sometimes have a hard time maintaining eye contact with the person I'm talking to, especially if he/she's in a position of authority.
69. I wear briefs, boxers, and boxer-briefs. Of them, I like wearing boxer-briefs the most, though I have boxers the most.
70. Five careers I never wanted to be: fireman, nurse, policeman, anything military, and anything government.
71. Five careers I've wanted to be: artist, astronomer, biologist, doctor, and writer.
72. I prefer to be the main support in a group, the one that people rely on or the glue that holds the group together.
73. Regardless of what anyone says, I believe dreams are reflections of our inner minds.
74. Every person I've ever had a "crush" has been "taken" in some way.
75. My ideal temperature (inside or out) is between 60F and 85F.
76. I like the "half-light" of day (aka, dawn and dusk) and I also like shaded areas.
77. I value responsibility above all other traits. I also value (in no particular order): honesty, reason, tolerance, humor, wisdom, and respect.
78. My current motto is: "Few people mature, most are simply conditioned."
79. I think I'm addicted to my computer/the internet. Le sigh.
80. I wish I had a soundtrack to my life. Or at least a theme song.
81. I can be a romantic at heart. I believe in "the one." Still waiting on that.
82. I don't mind if the ending of something's spoiled. I'm more interested in beginnings and how they develop to the ends.
83. Though I don't show it, I can be quite envious, jealous, and vengeful.
84. I sometimes feel awkward in public places with lots of people. ::insert self-image issues here::
85. I feel that hugging/being hugged is one of the best feelings ever. Too bad I often feel awkward when hugging others.
86. I snore when I'm really tired. Or so it seems.
87. I try to sleep in the nude when I can. Usually I'd have to masturbate before I attempt this, otherwise an erection would keep me up all night.
88. I've had several R-rated (porn-like even) dreams. I usually forget these very quickly.
89. I often "care too much" about things and get consumed by them.
90. I hate smoke and smoking, and the smell of.
91. Some day I want to travel the world and taste delicious foods.
92. Of all foods, I like Chinese and Italian food best.
93. I love learning about different cultures and different languages.
94. I often wake up finding myself stroking/fondling my "morning wood."
95. I have a "some day" list of books that I intend on reading some day.
96. I'm an obsessive email checker.
97. I used to hate running, though now I've learned to like it more.
98. If you ask me a serious question, I will give an honest and serious answer.
99. I've tasted my own semen before and it's kind of sweet (doesn't taste bad). It's hard to bring myself to do this though, for whatever reason.
100. I can function on 5-6 hours of sleep for several weeks at a time. I won't feel happy about it though.

*Note* For some reason, blogger deleted the list partway through #34. So everything after that is either in a different order or new from this original post, as I can't remember everything I wrote originally and so this may be more random.

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