Monday, April 21, 2008

The Final Stretch

I can't believe this semester's almost over! It's kind of surreal to think that in a week or so, many of my friends will be scattered far away. It's truly been a short 4 years. I can't say I'm exactly ready to graduate - I feel as though there's so much I could still learn, so much left to do, and I'm not emotionally ready to let go just yet.

My last final is this coming Tuesday. I've already earned a solid A in all my other 4 classes (yay!). My grade in this one is probably at the A-/A borderline, so this final may in fact determine my grade. With this last A, this would be my only semester in which I have earned straight solid A's. I wouldn't care so much, if I weren't me. You may have noticed that I have this tendency to care too much about things, big or small. I can't just let go and accept a "passing" grade, which would be all too easy to get. No, I must get that A. Besides, I need to send my final transcripts to med schools in hopes the scales tip in my favor.

At the same time, I also care too much about my mini-course, which has been over for about 2 weeks or so. I took the time to actually read through all of their final assignments and give my comments. My friend and co-instructor, JW-M, won't put in nearly as much effort as I. I feel that's unfair, but he has a point in that this is a pass/fail mini-course, so even the students may not care too much about what happens when they know they're going to pass. Still, I can't let that go. I had to actually put in effort (perhaps way more than I needed to or should have).

My friend RZ-F is still taking her breakup with DC-M pretty hard. She's been drinking a lot this last week and her appetite has been quite suppressed. Then again, my appetite has been suppressed too for some reason. Yet when I do eat, it's generally unhealthy and full of calories. Sigh. I feel emotionally numb for some reason, but maybe that's the result of stress. In about a week or so, I will workout "hardcore" and eat super-healthy for about 2 months and see what kind of body that earns me.

I'm also trying to tie up loose ends before the semester ends and I graduate on Saturday. I need to have my plans, at least for the first half of summer, planned out and ready to go soon. Nothing particularly exciting for the first half, the second half is still to be determined.
Now I'm going to digress completely. I must admit, I still have a celebrity crush on Wang Leehom (王力宏).Also, some YouTube vids.

1. 爱错 (Wrong Love)

I don't actually like this song that much, but he's just so hot in the MV.

2. Can You Feel My World

I really like the lyrics to this song. In fact, you can find them here.

So yeah, that's all.

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Mike said...

Still can't believe you're almost done with school!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Hope you get that SOLID "A"