Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It means the same as "penult" meaning "the next to last syllable in a word, or the next to last item." But "penultima" sounds cooler. So, this'll be the 99th post, which makes it the one before the celebrated 100th post! How I do look forward to that post, haha, if for no other reason than to post 100 random things about me.

There's not much to say in this post, so it's kind of filler. I have 2 finals when I wake up. Not fun! But that's okay. I had an epic 2+ hours study session with some people today for my "evolution, development, and genetics" class. Let me tell you, those scientific papers are NOT easy to read. Especially the 2-page ones. Which is kind of ironic, but they cram so much in so little room, that every word counts (and consequently, every word seems to be some scientific jargon that I may/may not have already learned). On the other hand, it's pretty cool to be able to go through such esoteric writing and actually be able to make sense of it, and to read such landmark papers in such an interesting field of biology.

In other news, I think a part of me is sort of falling for a bisexual female friend (she's debating whether or not she's actually lesbian, but does this in a joking manner that makes me question her). It's weird. I know her through a mutual friend (JW-M) and she's such an interesting and cute person. She's not the "stereotypical" bisexual/lesbian in that she actually still looks like a woman. I think I'm somewhat attracted to her personality, and the funny movements she randomly makes sometimes. She's also Asian. Taiwanese, to be more precise. In any case, I already see absolutely nothing coming of this (in a romantic/sexual sense). So whatever. Just something random.

So yeah, soon I'll make a proper post. A 100th post! I don't know why I'm amused by this . . . perhaps I need more sleep.

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