Sunday, September 28, 2008

Apparently Not Quite Over

It's been an interesting weekend, and now that I realize I have an exam in 1.5 weeks, I'm going to go into hyper-studying mode this week.

Anyway, on Saturday SR-F and I went to see RZ-F, who with her parents was staying at her cousin's house about 40-45 minutes away from campus in another city. RZ-F's old roommate, CM-F, also came by to visit. RZ-F's in med school at Case Western whereas CM-F's in med school here (not telling where here is XP). Much of the conversation was RZ-F and CM-F comparing med schools and complaining how they're just dying. Well, I contend it's entirely their fault. RZ-F decided to do a Master's in Anatomy on top of med school, adding like 12 hours of classes a week on top of it all. And CM-F is training to run a 26.6-mi marathon in October.

We went to Olive Garden for lunch. I got so full that I didn't finish my meal and had it boxed to go. That ended up being my only meal of the day because I was so full. Afterwards we had the brilliant idea to go to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream. No, not a wise decision. I swear my stomach's still bloated and overly large from Saturday lunch. But at least the conversation was interesting, again medical stuff (hey, what else would 2 med students, 1 public health student/future med student, and 1 pharmacy student talk about?).

Oh, and RZ-F loved my head massage present, haha. It needs a bit of loosing up from being in the box, but when it is, I'm sure it'll get quite a bit of usage. RZ-F commented how it looked like I had lost weight (no, actually I had been in the same 5-lbs range for about a year now). It must've been my new jeans - they fit a bit closer. Interestingly, the jeans are a bit loose about the waist yet hug my thighs a bit; I must have overly muscular thighs from running or something, sigh. Anyway, it seems RZ-F's parents ask about me sometimes. Why, I have no idea. Last time I met them, I was nice, but I didn't give the "proper greeting" as it was at graduation and the whole day was a whirlwind. You know, the whole, "阿姨好" (translating roughly to "Hi Auntie"). Forgot to say that, and I thought they'd think I was some terribly rude child whose parents didn't bring him up with proper manners. It seems that wasn't the case, as they actually thought I was really nice because talked to them in Chinese at all. But! This time I was all polite and proper, haha. At least to her mom, as her dad stood far off washing the car.

So as we were parting ways, I realized I haven't quite gotten over her. A good part of me still wonders the "what if's" if we had pursued a relationship. It hurts a little that she's pining away at some guy in China who she doesn't know that well, while in med school, dying under her inane courseload. At least she gave me a mooncake for the much belated Mid-Autumn Moon Festival like, 2 weeks ago.

So I spent most of Sunday at the library with AG-F. She was dying of a cold, the second one she's gotten in a week and a half. Poor AG-F. :( She sits there with her accusatory eyes wondering why I haven't gotten sick yet in all this time. I feel like her stress is partly self-imposed in that she tends to stress out about her courses a lot more than she needs to. She always does well anyway. SR-F and I have had to drag her away from her homework and lab to hang out just once a week, and take her mind off academics. She needs to get drunk or something.

After I left her at the computer lab, I was walking to the bus stop to get back to my apartment. On the way I encountered ES-M! It's been a while since I've mentioned him on this blog, but he was the Chinese Malaysian I had a crush on all of last year. It seems (yup, you got it) I'm apparently not quite over him either. He was walking with his friend, Tina (don't know her last name, so not going to code her name here :P). I suspect they might be boyfriend/girlfriend but I'm not sure. All I know is I felt a tiny twitch of jealousy. Well, Tina's nice and they'd be a nice fit if they were boyfriend/girlfriend. They have the same matching happy-go-lucky/bordering on bubbly personalities. It was good to see him. He still owes me a lunch date.

Damn. ::pines::


Brent said...

: ) sending smiles your way

Mike said...

LOL @ dragging AG-F out to calm down

Joshua said...

You have an interesting life. You're lucky. I don't know anyone at UCI! :(

Straight Best Friend's mom got angry at Gay Best Friend for not saying "ah yi hao" the first time he met her...five years ago. They never forget!

Anonymous said...

Cancel that lunch, just the date. :P

Alb tummy, yum. :) I want to rub it to make it all better XD.

What is it with you Asians!? Good LAWD! 12 EXTRA HOURS?!?! It's like my Japanese student here, who, to iprove his dismal grades from last quarter, decided to take 3 courses during summer to boost his GPA. Wow...

Aek said...

brent: Thanks!

mike: Yes, that's my duty as a friend. :P

joshua: I tend to think my life as not particularly interesting. Didn't know your "Straight Best Friend" and "Gay Best Friend" are both Chinese . . . goes to show there are just THAT many more Asians in CA. Alas for me.

james: Yes, we Asians are insane. Note my possible death due to happen next semester. Asians are HARDCORE (though some of us mildly less so than others).

Landyn said...

Haha, it took me 2 reads to keep your "ES-M" and "SR-F" abbreviations straight haha, but i understand why u do that.
Thanks for your kind comment :) its nice to know people are out there, and that we are all connected somehow.

Not sure where you go to school but sounds interesting to say the least haha.

Keep in touch :)