Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Bug Genocide

Because I'm too lazy to post something of real substance, here's a transcript of my IM convo between my friend JW-M and I tonight (he's in Beijing right now, sadness) to entertain you all:

JW-M: niiii haooo
Me: dude!
Me: what's up?!
Me: :P
Me: a centipede just crawled up my wall in front of me
Me: i deftly dealt with it
JW-M: good
Me: aka, I smushed it against the wall and disposed of it in the toilet
JW-M: /eat
JW-M: oh
JW-M: alas
Me: though, there's a centipede-smear on the wall now =/
Me: i refuse to eat anything with an exoskeleton
JW-M: i see
JW-M: crunch crunch
Me: ugh
Me: ::twitch::
. . .
Me: did i tell you about the suspect-cockroach in my apt?
JW-M: lol no
JW-M: was it like scurry scurry
JW-M: and then did you kill it good
. . .
Me: JW-M
JW-M: what
Me: i need to break into the chem building
JW-M: wat
Me: and steal all the insect pheramones
JW-M: wut
JW-M: lol ok
Me: so i can lure all the bugs away from my apt
Me: where they'll mate themselves to death
Me: far away
JW-M: sounds fun
. . .
Me: i suspect rollie pollies hiding in my plant's soil
Me: eeeee!
Me: i felt a gnat crawling down my arm
Me: stupid creatures
JW-M: they prolly do
JW-M: what is your bug problem today
. . .
JW-M: its only like one month until the bug genocide anyway
JW-M: thank god
Me: i can't wait

For those wondering, the "bug genocide" is the day when it suddenly gets cold (also the first day of frost on the ground). Since the bugs don't usually see it coming, there are like NO bugs after that day for a few weeks at least, because they've all died. It's wonderful. *waits patiently*


charlie said...

Haha! The bug genocide! I had no idea that it existed ;)

julian. said...

My favourite part is the very beginning:

Niii Haoooo!

OMG. That's how I say it too... Lol.