Friday, September 26, 2008

A Day in the Life of Me

I had such an amusing day. Well, I consider it amusing, I can't say for anyone else.

First a little snippet about yesterday. A PhD, MPH guy came to speak on the topic of epigenetics in my toxicology class (aka, anti-pharmacy). He was hot! He was tall, lean but muscular, had a rugged beard and voice, and was only wearing a shirt and jeans. He looked to be in his late-20s or early-30s at most. The podium was in my way from visually undressing him. XD

Now, today. I didn't have class today and when I woke up, I just did not want to go to the School of Public Health (SPH). Several of us were getting together to check our genetics homework around 1pm. Well, I got to SPH around 11:15am, so I decided to go to the gym. Going to the gym in the middle of the day is strategically brilliant, as it's rather empty and you don't have to feel super-embarassed when lifting weights. However, it also makes me hate my body. :(

You see, all the old men and women exercise in the middle of the day. And today I was running on the track behind two girls. I see an old man, probably in his 60s, stretching for a run too and I think he'll go at his nice leisurely old man pace. I pass the girl in front of me then suddenly the old man passes both us! And after I finished my 1 mile on the track, he was still going!! So not only did this elderly guy pass me, he ran more than me too! And in the weight room, there were some buff old men on the machines. Even the old ladies seemed fitter than me.

There's just something wrong with me, in my early-20s still, theoretically in the prime of my life, being out-gymed by people in their 50s+. Also, the locker room is NOT a pleasant sight. So many old men who don't make proper use of the towel. >.<

Well, anyway, I go to SPH and go through the genetics homework. Then I plop down and begin to finish my last online training module. Soon BA-M, a 2nd-year in a couple of my classes, comes by and tells us there's free food. The girl I was sitting across from and I quickly pack up our laptops, walk over to the other 2 girls we were checking homework with, and said "Free food downstairs." The speed at which binders and backpacks closed was unprecedented. We were downstairs next to the food within a minute. It was good food too!! Left over form some seminar. I feel that, as grad students, we develop some 6th sense about free food and we hunt down the free food all too readily.

After I had finished my work, I went to a store to find a present for my friend, RZ-F, who will be visiting tomorrow (and her birthday's on Monday). I didn't know what to get, but then I saw the head massager!! It was great, I surprised my friend SR-F with it. If you've never tried one of these things, you must, it's great. People's reactions to it the first time are hilarious. As my friend, JW-M, described to me, "It's like a sex for your head. It feels like your head's kind of having an orgasm." Well, something like that, but that's what my brain heard.

Later in the evening, SR-F, AG-F, and I watched the new episodes of Heroes. That show's getting a bit too weird . . . I'm not sure if I'm going to keep watching. Anyway, we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings afterwards because AG-F really wanted something spicy. On the way, we were talking about lab and such. In particular, how grad students all laugh when a professor says he/she has "an army of undergrads." Haha, oh to be an undergrad minion/peon/slave.

It seems my old researcher has a new undergrad working for her now. At one point, she had 3 working under her including me. She has had the most undergrads out of anyone in my former lab. So she really had an army of undergrads to do her bidding. Man, now I want my own undergrad minion/peon/slave. Just one! I should get a research position first though . . . which I'll have once the administrative dust clears!! One day, when I become an attending, I'll have my army of residents and med students. Oh, that'll be fun. And my pharmacy friend, SR-F, will have her own army of residents and pharmacy students. :P

So yeah, that was pretty much my day. I just love having amusing conversations with my friends, who're all in grad school, as we reminisce about undergrad and wanting undergrad minions/peons/slaves of our own some day.

A while ago, Hypnos sent me a song called Heria Psila (Hands High) by Mixalis Xatzigiannis. It's a Greek song that's been stuck in my head on and off. A little while back I decided to see if I could find a music video on YouTube. And I did, and this Greek is HOT!! :D



Zee said...

Lol, free food is amazing. Sometimes just being free makes crappy food taste good.

Joshua said...

Free food is always good. Actually, according to my econ class, because of marginalization (or something like that), free food is only good if you're hungry. Doesn't sound very economics-like, but I didn't really pay attention in that class.

Ah! I need to get approved for my research position, too! :( It's taking forever :(

Your days sound fun. My day goes like this:
1. Wake up
2. Go to school
3. Go to community college
4. Go to University lab
5. Go home
6. Do homework
7. Sleep

And then I start all over again.

Aek said...

Zee: Doesn't matter, free food is still free to me!

Joshua: Psh, what's he talking about? If you're not hungry, you pack the free food for later! My days are only as amusing as I choose to experience them. I'm sure there's some room for some excitement even in your day.

Ugh, research position approval. So slow. -_-