Friday, September 19, 2008


A few days ago my friend, JR-M, asked me for a picture of myself to include in the inside cover to the soundtrack of his movie, "Lord Save Our Souls." Our mutual friend, CM-M, composed the music and played the piano part whereas I played the cello part. There was also a viola and voice part. If/when I figure out how to post music, then I'll post a clip or two. It's really good! Anyway, I'm digressing.

So I took a few pics of my head (which is harder to do than it may seem, or I'm just that uncoordinated). I was bored, so I took multiple silly pics of my face. It turned out that JR-M found a better of pic of me on Facebook that suited the CD cover. Ah well. So I just cropped out my eyes and eyebrows below to create something I'll call, "Progression."

So there you have my incredibly average Asian eyes. I do like my eyebrows, however.

And just for kicks, I took pictures of my table, following in the footsteps of the ever-cool gay+teen+sydney and David.
You will notice that this is, indeed, a table and not a desk. A fold-up table at that! In the first pic, you'll see my philodendron plant, office supplies (hole puncher, stapler, staple remover, white-out tape) next to it, 2 trays with my bills and forms, a water bottle conveniently in front of the rag i use for certain "activities," an epidemiology paper that I printed 4 pages/side (400 printing pages/semester is NOT enough in grad school), and my laptop. Notice that it's NOT a Mac. In the second picture, you'll see my laptop (again), Kleenex behind the laptop, my alarm clock, a desk light, folders, empty water bottles, and cups of pencils, pens, and highlighters.


DarkSpartan said...

haha it seems im going to have to join this CRAZY 'picture of your desk area' posting if you, gay+teen+sydney,and dpstam are doing it! I shall do it when I return home from my trip! YAY hehe

Yay for social conformity!

David said...

hahah yes yay for social conformity! :D

and yeah, you don't gots a mac?! g+t+s and i both have macs.... jump on the mac bandwagon :)

Shane said...

Don't jump on the mac bandwagon!

Mike said...

I like all the eye snapshots, as well as the photo of your desk. Nice tour!

Joshua said...

:D you should get a mac. :D

You have nice eyes.

Aek said...

To all: No, I've no intentions of getting a Mac. No Mac bandwagon for me, unless something goes terribly wrong with my laptop ::knocks on wood::.

mike: Thanks!

joshua: Thanks! Though, I think my eyes are pretty average, as far as Asians go.

naturgesetz said...

//unless something goes terribly wrong with my laptop//

It's just a matter of time. LOL

Anonymous said...

We'll forgive you for not having a mac, you are, after all, only bi. But if you even decide you like cock more, you'll have to switch. ;)

You don't need a need a warm body there to eat it.

Aek has pretty eyes...yes, even the angry ones... :D

Jasssoonnn said...

Hi Aek! Thanks so much for your kind words. I LOVED your idea and layout for the photos, (the Progression). Very cool! U know a desk can be whatever u want it to be. Mine just so happens to be my bed! lol.