Monday, September 8, 2008

Haha, Nice Try

This was going to be a glorious post about my epic success, that is how my desire for ice cream > rain. Alas, that wasn't meant to be.

At about 10:42pm I made my way to the bus stop. I noticed that the bus should be arriving at the bus stop at about 10:45pm and I was at least 5-6 minutes away. Then it started raining. Hard. Like, downpour hard. I walked a little faster, wanting to be under the bus stop shelter thing. I see the bus coming around the corner and I start running, sprinting as fast as I could with an umbrella in hand.

The bus must've been a little late, as it was around 10:47pm or so when the bus actually got to the stop. University buses are always chronically never quite on time, usually either 2 minutes early or late. My jeans were pretty much soaked from the knees down and my shoes were a bit squishy inside. No matter, ice cream awaited me at Stucchi's.

I get to Stucchi's only to discover that it's closed! Gah, no matter. Barring Stucchi's there was always Ben & Jerry's. Well that was closed too. Gah, no matter. Barring Ben & Jerry's there was also Starbuck's, whose pumpkin spiced latte I recently discovered and love. Well that was also closed. I wasn't holding much hope for Expresso Royale coffee either.

Well, SR-F was kind enough to take me to Kroger's grocery store where I'll just buy a tub of ice cream to take back to my apartment. But what is this? Kroger's was closed too!! Apparently this Kroger's closes at 10pm, wtf?! So after an hour out and about, looking for ice cream or coffee, I ended up back at my apartment empty-handed and un-satiated.

Epically failed attempt. You win rain. ::shakes fist at sky:: Seriously, why're all these places on campus closed by 10pm or 11pm? Don't they know this is a college town and that things should be open at the very least until midnight?!


Anonymous said...

:( Hmm, I can think of a couple ways to satiate you... ;)

Mike said...

Everything at my college or around my college closes at 5. There are 4 colleges/universities in this town and the area around them closes at about 5.

Aek said...

Wtf?! 5?! You surely mean 5am and not 5pm . . . because that's just inhumane.