Friday, September 12, 2008


Umm, I think I'm still drunk. First of all, don't judge me. I'm "sober enough" to type this and I hope coherently.

So anyway, I think I'm more than tipsy but less than full drunk. I mean, some of my senses are dulled whereas others are slightly enhanced (?). Touch - dulled. Smell - dulled. Sight - unchanged. Hearing - dulled or enhanced depending. I mean, I have a little trouble typing this without erasing a lot of errors. And it take some effort to stand up straight. Anyway . . .

My friend, KS-F, organized a little get-together for some of SPH guys at a local bar. So I took the bus down, which took HALF AN HOUR. Just to let you know, the bus usually goes the same distance in 15-20 minutes. So I arrive like 20 minutes late, oh well. I get a rum & coke and over the course of 3 hours, I drink another shot of the happy hour special and like 4.5 full glasses of beer. Yeah . . . totally at least a bit drunk.

I have a weird metabolism when it comes to alcohol. See, I don't have that "Asian gene" that makes me go bright red. I've checked in the mirror. So I can drink a fair amount without getting drunk. But what I drink tends to hit me like 30 minutes to 2 hours later, so I have to be careful. I think that shot and 1.5 glasses of beer is starting to hit me now . . . I also sober up rather fast, though I'm by no means sober right now . . . at least I'll sleep rather well tonight (I think).

So interesting thing. My friend, PC-F, who I don't actually know that well, I find her kind of hot. And PM-M, he's rather attractive too. I think they might have a "thing" with each other, I'm not 100% sure. They would make a cute couple and the thought makes me a little jealous. I sat with PM-M on the bus back to my apartment, as he lives a bit further out than I d0.

He was clearly more drunk than I. He did drink more, but then again he had more mass to him so he could handle more comparatively. We were on a bus with pretty much all freshmen, as the buses going to north campus merge into one bus after midnight. Some poor forsaken freshman threw up at the back of the bus. Gross. I'm glad I'm not that drunk . . . Anyway, I find myself saying some random things out loud, though I was always aware of what I was saying (?). Wow, that too way too many edits to get rid of the errors. Anyway, PM-M was starting to slur his words, I was a little at the very end.

Wow, I almost was tempted to lean in and kiss him. Thing is I'm not actually that attracted to him. This must be the alcohol. Also, there was this freshman girl sitting across from us. PM-M pointed out how slutty all the freshman girls dress. It's true. And she had nice breasts that I was staring at . . . at some point she disappeared, she must've gotten off the bus. I was also tempted to tell him I was bi at the very least, but I still had enough control to stop myself. That wouldn't have gone over well on a rather full bus.

Well, I think I'm done now. I'll probably read this later and be like, "Wtf." Oh well. I also have a meeting in the morning at 10:30am . . . I must be sober for that. So sleep now I think. Good night. :D


Shane said...

Lol you go girl!
Alcohol always brings out the slut in people.

naturgesetz said...

And alcohol loosens the tongue.

A learning experience — next time a little less to drink. And the tuition was not too high, meaning you didn't unintentionally out yourself.

Anonymous said...

You should have told him! Or just leaned in and given him a good kiss. Mmmm.... :)

Mike said...

I thought being drunk was an excuse for doing things you might not usually do- like leaning in and kissing... or maybe that's just something I'd do because I could justify it that way.