Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Was That A Cockroach?!

So I go to wash my dishes. And in the sink, crawling around, is some brown insect. It scurried really fast up the side of the sink, around the corner, and towards the back near the wall. I think it was a cockroach. I lifted the cutting board and there it was, hiding. I tried to crush it with the cutting board but instead knocked it back into the sink. I gave a loud yelp (this was made more amusing because my roommate was just unlocking the door) because I was fairly sure this was a cockroach. You see, not many things get to me. I'm seldom grossed out by anything and I can suppress most things. But a cockroach?! In any case, I then proceeded to "flush" it down the sink.

Now I'm paranoid. I have my eyes on the lookout for any signs of an infestation. I need to break into the Chem building where they house that super-concentrated cockroach pheramone. With it, I could lure all the cockroaches in the apartment complex out to a distant place where they'll basically mate themselves to death. Really, I only need one tiny drop. Barring that plan, I'll call pest control.

I'm such a biology major, lol. Other signs? When I say "evacuate" instead of "empty" my backpack and refer to bus stops as being "downstream" or "upstream," and even identifying a "promoter" to the buses. Yeah . . . In other news, I think I may have found a work-study job in a lab somewhere. Yay!

1 comment:

David said...

haha i always thought cockroaches have the most unfortunate names ever. COCK roach.

anywho.. good luck with that :P