Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Week Before Grad School: the Aftermath

I'm so procrastinating right now. I just don't want to do my readings, haha. This is so not me. Anyway, the aftermath of last week/early this week.

The Roommate
We have the most amusing communication methods. You see, our primary form of communication is notes/memos to each other that we leave in the morning or night. One of us wakes up way before the other and leaves a note for the other to read. Our next line of communication is via email, followed by phone calls. Since we don't see each other for like 90% of our day, the only time we've actually talked face-to-face has been late at night really.

And so, I'm quite amused. He's pretty easy to get along with, which is good. We kind of keep out of each other's way and just remain polite and all.

School of Public Health
Oh man, some of my classes are intense! I'm glad I'm exempting out of the intro biostatistics course - as I see it, the fewer biostats courses I take the better. But I think I will enjoy all my courses, at least to some degree. I did, however, have to fight the urge to instantly drop one of my classes when I saw the name of one of its guest speakers. You see, I took environmental journalism last fall semester with 2 horrible instructors. Horrible. And one of them (the "dumber" one) is the guest speaker. Sigh.

I really like my public health genetics and my pathophysiology courses though. The PHG (public health genetics) professor is so funny to listen to. She breaks out chuckling every few sentences. What a riot! And my pathophysiology professor is African-British, so he has that amazing accent. Plus he says some really funny things sometimes in class.

I did also find out about what could happen to my MPH if I go to med school. Apparently, there have been several people in my place before, many of them in my HME sub-program. So my credits are good for at least 4 years, so I can come back to finish my MPH degree after med school if I so choose. The question now is, should I? Or even, would I? I don't know . . . after 4 years of med school, I don't know if I want another year of public health before going into my residency. Well, I suppose I do have options now and I have 5 years to make my decision.

The Apartment
So, after several emails, 2 of them with pics attached documenting the sheer grossness of my apartment, things have finally reached a conclusion here. At the same time, I emailed a friend's dad who is a real estate lawyer and has dealt with such issues. I was one day away from going to Student Legal Services to see what legal action I could take against my irresponsible landlord.

On Tuesday morning, my dad called the office himself and talked to the two managers. After several volley of words, a stubborn tug-of-war, they agreed to have my apartment cleaned by 6pm on Tuesday, September 2nd, as well as refund our August rent. When I returned to my apartment later Tuesday evening, they did indeed come have have it cleaned. Victory!!

I did, however, sweep the kitchen floor for the remaining dirt and debris (as they only did like an 80-85% job) and I disinfected the toilet again. I have high hygiene standards and, damn it, they will be met!

So I emailed the director of MCW to see if my deposit form and money had been received. They indeed have, so that's taken care of. I should get something in the mail telling me what to do next sometime late this week or early next week.

The two undergrad professors I emailed have agreed to write me letter of recommendations for my GSI application (some places call them TAs). With a bit of luck, I will be a GSI teaching some undergrad course next semester. This means that my public health tuition becomes free AND I get a decent stipend. Woot!!

These past couple days things have been falling into place quite nicely. Now, I should shower and maybe read more . . . but who am I kidding, I won't do that until tomorrow. XD

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Anonymous said...

GSI? wow, aren't they getting fancy now. i guess it's better than referring to is as paid slaves, though.

there is no such thing as a toilet that's too don't be down on yourself for having a high standard there. the last thing any of us want is someone else's butt germs.